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Get Hand De-Tan absolutely free with any facial at Spark beauty world. Condition Apply.

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Groom yourself on Dussehra with Spark. Get D-Tan or Bleach ABSOLUTELY FREE with 50% off on all Ozone facial. Call now to book appointment 08214282304 / 08214241041

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Graceful girls enhanced their beauty by doing hair coloring at SPARK

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Experience the luxury of Manicure and Pedicure at Spark salon. Hygiene and customer health is our top priority and we follow hospital sterilization process for all our Manicure and Pedicure equipment after every service.

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Get 40 percent off on Manicure and Pedicure on this month at Spark Salon

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Pedicure is a great pampering service but it is also service to maintain personal hygiene. Feet are usually most unnoticed part of human body, hence perfect place for infections. Get simple pedicure regularly and say bye bye to all infections.

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Hair Straightening is a great way to manage your hair better and get the smoothness and shine back with new look. Get Hair straightening at Spark Salon now.

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Hair is made up of protein and our protein treatment is just meant for that. For extreme dull and damage hair we recommend getting protein infused in your hair just like supplements. Get your shiny and healthy hair back at Spark.

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Clean up is a mini version of facial. In Clean up we cleanse the skin, remove black heads, exfoliate dead cells and tightens the skin. Experience best clean up at Spark beauty world.

Get Detan service at Spark salon for as low as 149. Detan lightens the skin and bring back natural colour of your skin.